2017/12/19 - LIBPF 1.0 released

Today 2017-12-19 we record the official release of LIBPF 1.0.

After 12+ years of development, the LIBrary for Process Flowsheeting is mature and ready to make the Digital Transformation happen in the process industry right now.

LIBPF 1.0 gets released 7 years after the release of LIBPF 0.9 , but it has been running in production on our systems, in the cloud and at our customers for a while.

Go ahead and get in touch with us if you have any Industry 4.0 application in mind that involves the simulation of continuous industrial processes !

The key improvements of LIBPF 1.0 are:

  • Extensive refactoring, testing and optimization of the calculation kernel;

  • New unit operation models:

    • ejector
    • heat transfer rating: shell & tube exchangers, falling film and thermosiphon reboiler
    • pipe
    • pump
    • selector (copies the selected inlet streams into the outlet)
  • New phase and stream models:

    • StreamSimple for mass-balance only streams and phases
    • StreamTabular: two-phase stream classes with tabular kVL
    • improved IAPWS95 implementation and single-phase IAPWS95 stream types
    • Unifac activity coefficient model
    • PhaseEos: include pressure effects in heat properties
  • User Interfaces:

    • LIBPF UI now supports cross-platform kernel switching
    • LIBPF UI allows simplifed homotopy runs
    • new user interfaces: LOCPA (LIBPF OPC Control Panel Applet) and LOC (LIBPF OPC Configurator)
    • now all UIs are based on Qt library version 5.x
  • Systems:

    • migrated the codebase from C++2003 to C++11 language standard
    • fully support 64-bit architectures
    • support newer compilers: gcc 4.7+, clang 3.0+ and Microsoft Visual Studio 2013+
    • Windows: drop support for Windows XP and add support for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10
    • Linux: add support for debian 8.x (jessie)
    • model development workflow in multiple IDEs: Qt creator, Microsoft Visual Studio and XCode
    • MSI-based Windows installer is now multilingual and based on WiX
    • implemented automatic activation on Windows, Linux and MacOS
    • there is now an “installer” for MacOS
    • unified API: C++, python, Java and .NET
    • RESTful API used in the simevo process app

Stay tuned for LIBPF 1.1, planned for end of 2018 !

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