2008/02/20 - LIBPF 0.7 released

Today February 20th 2008, LIBPF 0.7 was released, 15 months after release 0.6 (November 2006). The key improvements are:

  • Solid-vapor-liquid streams with inert solid phase;
  • Native implementation for the Non-Random Two Liquids (NRTL) activity coefficient model;
  • **Sparse **linear solver;
  • Automatic sequencing for sequential resolution of flowsheets;
  • Support for **parallel **execution on multicore workstations;
  • Biomass components defined in terms of elemental analysis and Lower Heating Value (LHV).

To know more, have a look at the What’s new in LIBPF 0.7 document.

The revision 1.0 of LIBPF is planned for August 2009.