Equipment manufacturer role

Equipment manufacturers are industrial companies which manufacture machinery for use in the continuous process industries (CPI).

They receive requirements and specifications from engineering and contractors and supply to operating companies .

They scope of supply may include just the naked machine or turn-key packages (the machine integrated with balance of plant, accessories, sensors and automation) and solutions for specific needs such as cooling, fluid transfer, solid transfer, storage, refrigeration, energy production, vacuum, compressed air, drying, gas production etc.

The conventional business model of an equipment manufacturer is based just on the sale of machine and spare parts plus a separate maintenance contract. In this case the simevo process simulation technology can support and make more effective the sales, bidding and cost estimation and design activities.

But equipment manufacturers are increasingly shifting to innovative business models which fall under the umbrella of servitization (i.e. moving away from the sale of a good to the sale of a service): subscription-based leasing and maintenance, “machine-as-a-service”, pay-per-use etc. These require plug-and-play, fully-automated packages and may incorporate software for advanced control, self-diagnosis, remote-monitoring and in general for adding “smartness”. In this case predictive models can help forecast and optimize the machine / package while in operation.

Here is a list of simevo business cases and sample applications for the equipment manufacturer business value chain role: