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Value calculator for continuous pasteurization plants - business case

Continuous or HTST (High-Temperature-Short-Time) pasteurization is more efficient and milder on the product than the discontinuous (or batch) process. The sales reps of the manufacturer of continuous pasteurization plants are in dire need of a value calculator to demonstrate the advantages of their product to the perspective customers. The simevo Process Simulation technology can be used to create a first-principle, steady-state process model of the plant ("digital twin"). The model is capable of accurately predicting the performance with the actual product and utilities available at each customer site. Thanks to the flexibility of the technology the model can be deployed on the cloud and made accessible to the sales reps from their tablets.

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The development effort for the solution is in the range of a few man- months. License fees are charged on a pay-per-use basis as the mobile terminals connect to the cloud. The cost impact is in the range of 10% of the sales rep traveling costs.

Soft savings

The sales reps are more efficient and professional in their job; shorter time and less errors in the preparation of proposals.

Hard savings

Increased hit rate of the sales organization.

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