Process Simulation

Implement smart solutions to analyze, diagnose and forecast continuous industrial processes using digital twins developed with the simevo process simulation technology !

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The simevo process simulation technology is based on LIBPF (the LIBrary for Process Flowsheeting), available as an SDK (Software Development Kit) to quickly prototype, implement and deploy your process models and bring them everywhere:

  • create small-footprint, standalone custom process simulators

  • publish the models in the cloud and make them accessible on any mobile device with the simevo process app

LIBPF is standards-complying and portable

LIBPF is based on the industry-standard C++ programming language: ISO/IEC 14882:2011 (C++11), and runs on any modern operating system where a C++11 complying compiler is available, including but not limited to: Apple Mac OSX 10.9 (Mavericks), Linux Debian 7.0 (Wheezy) and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (“Precise Pangolin”) and Windows XP through 8.1.

LIBPF can interface with everything

from SCADA via OPC DA 2.0 to MES and ERP via Python, C# and RESTful HTTP APIs

The LIBPF UI (User Interface) provides a user-friendly interface and enhanced reporting capabilities for standalone, desktop use

it is based on the open source, cross-platform application and UI framework Qt and it is open source itself, with its source code hosted on gitlab

The simevo process app is a free, open source mobile app to access process simulations hosted in the cloud using simevo process technology

it is based on the free and open source framework Phonegap by Adobe, for creating mobile apps using standardized web APIs (HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript) and it is open source itself, with its source code hosted on github

To know more about LIBPF and its technical details, please refer to the dedicated website .