Simevo Process Pricing

The pricing of the simevo process simulation technology is meant to be transparent and standardized.

In this section we introduce the necessary terminology and provide guidance on how license, support, maintenance and infrastructure costs are based and calculated.

NOTE:Training and on-project time spent by our personnel are charged separately on a man-day basis.

Project phases

To make the simevo process simulation technology work for you, there are just two steps:

  1. model development: migrate your process models from your current tools into the simevo process technology

  2. deployment: deliver the models to the end-users.

The first step is very sensitive and will require that care be taken to make sure the results are validated. It is also time-consuming and expensive - the good news here is that the simevo process technology is made available at 0 license cost even for commercial use during learning, prototyping, demonstration and model development.

The second step can be accomplished in many ways, thanks to the flexibility of the simevo process simulation technology.

Deployment options

  • To deliver the models to the end-users, the following deployment options are available:
  1. decentralized deployment:

    1. via standalone custom process simulators for desktop use

    2. in M2M (machine-to-machine) architecture when standalone custom process simulators are deployed in embedded form on the machines and plants

  2. centralized deployment:

    • where a point service based on the simevo process technology is run either as a SAAS (software-as-a-service) in our cloud or as a software-on-premises (SoP) if you wish to maximize your control

Pricing basis

  • Different deployment and architectures require different accounting and pricing, but the general principles are simple:
  1. License fees are due only when the models actually start to produce value, and they are levied on the entity in the value chain where the added value is generated - typically the end-users

  2. Support and maintenance fees are due as soon as the on-line documentation resources are not enough and human intervention is required on our part to support, and when the models are on-line and running

  3. Infrastructure fees are due when the simevo process technology is deployed on our cloud as in SAAS (software-as-a-service) architectures

The pricing basis can be per user, per machine or per site, furthermore it can be one-off or recurring:

Fee Decentralized Centralized
Desktop M2M SaaS SoP
License per user, one-off per machine,one-off per user,recurring per site,recurring
Support & Maintainance per user,recurring per site,recurring per user,recurring per site,recurring
Infrastructure - - per site,recurring -


The actual fees are parametrized on the reference price, corresponding to the single-user, one-off license fee of a standalone custom process simulator deployed decentrally for desktop use. The reference price is dependent on which LIBPF modules are included in the scope of the deployment.

If only the LIBPF CORE module in included, the reference price is valued at 2500 € excl. VAT (if applicable)