Digital transformation, Industry 4.0 & Cloud

These days everybody talks about the Digital Transformation: Industry 4.0, Cloud, Mobile and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Indeed it’s already there: devices, technologies and suppliers are ready to bring manufacturing enterprises to a new level with increased productivity and more added value.

We believe the right way to approach the Digital Transformation is using open standards (HTML, XML, JSON, OPC, OPC UA, SQL …), common sense and a network of integrators and specialized suppliers of research, training and technology.

simevo provides the enabling technologies for the simulation of industrial continuous processes and of financial cash flow.

Our technologies are flexible and ready for the Digital Transformation:

  • Portable code based on industry-standard C++ programming language ISO/IEC 14882:2011 (C++11)
  • Microsoft Excel XLSX / LibreOffice ODS output
  • Database interfaces
  • APIs compatible with Python, .NET and Java
  • RESTful API for SaaS access

We are eager to help address your needs and make the digital transformation happen.

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