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The simevo process app is a free, open source mobile app to access process simulations hosted in the cloud using the simevo process technology.

Watch this video for a short introduction to the app and its architecture:

and this other video for a detailed demo, showing how to change service, create a new case, change inputs, calculate, look at results and browse complex, hierarchically structured models:

The app is currently available from the Google play store for all devices running Android version 4.4.2 or later, from the Apple iOS app store for all devices running iOS version 6.0 or later.





The simevo process app is free and open source !

it is based on the free and open source framework Phonegap by Adobe, for creating mobile apps using standardized web APIs (HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript) and it is open source itself, with its source code hosted on github.


The simevo process app simulates continuous industrial processes by accessing simulation services hosted in the cloud and implemented with the simevo process technology.

simevo process simulation service

The communication between the app and the process simulation service is based on an open RESTful API on http. For more details on this API, see the detailed documentation on the developer website.


Publishing your own models

The model types that can be used to instantiate cases are dependent on the active service the app is connected to.

The app can connect to different services, and it refreshes the list of services at each start; the publicly available simulation services are demos that provide a number of sample model types.

Using the the simevo process technology it is possible to set up new, custom services that provide your own model types. In this way the process simulations that you already use at your desk will be accessible on any mobile device.

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