2023/11/07 - CloudPF® (Cloud Process Flowsheeting) is ready !

Today we’re proud to announce CloudPF®, a novel toolkit to publish process models built with LIBPF® as web apps and to enable cloud-based process simulation.

You can try out CloudPF® on simevo SaaS (software-as-a-service), where all the LIBPF® demos are freely accessible.

To know more about CloudPF® check the CloudPF® User manual or watch this short (2:08") video:

Phasing out of the simevo process app

Concurrently with the release of CloudPF®, we turned off the simevo process app.

The simevo process app was a free, open source mobile app to access process simulations hosted in the cloud. It was developed in 2014 — 2015 to demonstrate the flexiblity of our simulation technology, and to make our process models accessible on every device. Now the native app bubble is over and we decided to phase it out in favor of CloudPF®.

CloudPF® allows you to access process models from any device without installing anything, directly from your browser: