2022/02/22 - EVAPOSIM: cloud-based simulation of evaporation plants

Today we celebrate the successful completion of the EVAPOSIM HUBCAP project, a joint effort of simevo s.r.l. and НБТ България , supported by the HUBCAP consortium in the framework of the EXPERIMENT calls .

The objective of the EVAPOSIM HUBCAP experiment was to enable the cloud-based simulation of evaporation plants via a simple-to-use, customized web application, making the process model more accessible so that non-experts can prioritize and optimize decisions in the proposal and design phases of new plants.

The resulting model can be applied for operator training, and on-line for self-comparison and self-awareness of the CPS.

For a short introduction to the EVAPOSIM web application watch this short (2:07") video:

Simevo joined the HUBCAP innovation ecosystem two years ago as provider of simulation technology for MBD (Model Based Design).

Many thanks to HUBCAP and НБТ България!