2015/06/04 - Simevo signs partnership agreement with Aruba S.p.A.

We are glad to announce that we are now members of the Aruba Cloud Startup Program : Simevo is in the Start-up directory of <strong>Aruba S.p.A.</strong> .

What is the Aruba Cloud Startup Program ?

The Aruba Cloud Startup Program is a partnership program for Italian startups, that makes it easier for them to access computing resources in the Aruba Cloud, with the best know-how and support from Aruba S.p.A.

Who is Aruba S.p.A. ?

Aruba S.p.A. , is the leader in Italy and in Eastern European markets for websites hosting and domain names registration. Since 2011, Aruba offers Cloud services in IaaS model, through the brand Aruba Cloud.

Thank you Aruba!