Weather and climate

In simevo we approach weather and climate projects based on devops and modern web technologies.

But we also leverage our background in handling scientific data processing, and the extensive experience in this area acquired by working hands-on with different partners. Here is a selection of recent projects.


Weboll is an open source web application aimed at managing, compiling and publishing bulletins or weather content. It was developed starting from the needs of Arpa Piemonte , and is easily adaptable according to the user.

It consists of a backend written in Python and the Django framework, in communication with a PostgreSQL database and the frontend in Vue.JS 3: finally, the whole architecture is dockerized to optimize its maintenance and development.

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Tinia was born in collaboration with Euregio and is a cross-border and multilingual website containing forecast, observed, and more meteorological data.

The site is statically generated in Hugo to be quick while navigating through the many contents.

The texts and data shown on the site arrive from 3 different weather agencies (Meteo Trentino , Weather South Tyrol and ZAMG ) of 2 different countries (Italy and Austria) via a back-office webapp developed entirely in Django: here the data is stores and transformed before landing on the public-facing webapp.

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Michea is a project for Arpa Lombardia . Still under development, it aims at creating a software service to acquire regional model data (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project, CMIP6) from the ESGF/CORDEX portal, process them using statistical and data science tools, and produce outputs that can also be displayed in graphical form.

By exploiting the CI/CD of GitLab we manage the flow of actions, from data acquisition to calculations, speeding up or completely avoiding redundant steps.

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