Financial Simulation

simevo Financial Simulation is an enabling technology that can be used to implement financial models to simulate cash flow and generate consistent balance sheet and income statement reports accurate to the last cent.

This video of just about 2 minutes simulates a commerce venture over 5 years using the simevo Financial Simulation webapp:


  • financial planning
  • business planning
  • project finance
  • forecasting of financial trends
  • extrapolation of historical data


  • replace slow and buggy spread-sheets
  • reduce risks and errors
  • standardize calculation methods
  • centralize data
  • share and reuse models


  • The models are transparent and can be read and audited by domain experts:

      RAT = RO - OF;
      RN = RAT - TAX;
      FC = FCAOFAT - OF - TAX;
      FCN = FC - (EI + EA);
      npv_ = ::npv(FCN, start_, end_, rateMinus_);
      irr_ = ::irr(FCN, start_, end_, rateMinus_);
      PN = integrate(EI + EA + RN - DIV);
      P = PN - negative(PFN);
      A = CON + IMM + positive(PFN);
  • Extreme precision and efficiency:

    • All variables are calculated on a day-to-day basis
    • Models are loop-free and do not involve iterative calculations
    • Calculation times are less than 5 ms for simple models and up to a few seconds for complex models (50 years, 30 separate cost / revenue streams)
    • Advanced applications are possible (bulk processing, Montecarlo analysis, multi-variable sensitivities)
  • Flexibility:

    • Portable code based on industry-standard C++ programming language ISO/IEC 14882:2011 (C++11)
    • Microsoft Excel XLSX output (cash flow / balance sheet / income statement)
    • Database interfaces
    • APIs compatible with Python, .NET and Java
    • RESTful API for SaaS access
    • webapp-style User Interface

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