Financial plan life-cycle from inception to operations - business case

The financial plan for a Project Finance iterates through many revisions while proponent, development bank, sponsor and commercial bank proceed with the data entry, analysis, validation and refinement phases. The simevo Financial Simulation technology can be used to create a private cloud-based SaaS solution, accessible via a web-based tool from desktops, laptops and mobile devices. The model equations can be shared openly and reviewed by all parties, while the data is stored in a centralized location.

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This video simulates cash flow, income statement and balance sheet of a commerce venture over 5 years in just about 2 minutes:


The development effort for the solution is in the range of 3 to 6 man- months and is comparable to the development costs of a Microsoft Excel model. The software license for the on-premise server is perpetual and can be amortized over several projects.

Soft savings

Lower risk of programming and data entry errors. Model revision control, information sharing and the possibility of restricted distribution enable a truly collaborative work-flow.

Hard savings

Reduced financial model development costs in case of repeated, similar projects. Fewer man-days required to the specialists technology licensor to produce the customized material and energy balance.

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