Rapid screening and analysis of startup business plans - business case

One of the main activities of an incubator is tutoring and helping the startups to give shape and refine their business plans – hundreds or maybe thousands of those have to be screened, compared and analyzed across the many revisions they undergo. The simevo Financial Simulation technology can be used to create a public cloud-based SaaS solution to simplify the definition of financial plans for the startups, with a private back- office interface with additional tools for the incubator specialists to calculate the key financial indicators, generate reports and apply standard metrics.

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This video simulates cash flow, income statement and balance sheet of an e-commerce startup over 5 years in just about 2 minutes:


The development effort for the solution is in the range of a few man- months. License fees are charged on a pay-per-use basis as the would-be entrepreneurs and the specialists access the business plans in the cloud.

Soft savings

The ease of use of the startup business plan increases the visibility of the incubator and attracts more would-be entrepreneurs.

Hard savings

Tutoring costs are reduced thanks to the guided input and error-correction mechanisms of the user interface for the startups. The incubator specialists are more efficient in analyzing the financial plans that are kept in a standard format.

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