Live material and energy balance for technology licensors of biofuel processes - business case

At project start, the licensor has to deliver the process design package to the E&C (Engineering and Contractor), with the material and energy balance tailored to the site conditions, feed-stocks, sizing and options of the specific project. The simevo Process Simulation technology can be used to create a first-principle, steady-state process model ("digital twin") of the generic plant, that can be configured and distributed as a “live” but restricted, read-only material and energy balance to the E&C and to the customer.

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The development effort for the solution is comparable to that of a conventional process model, and can be reduced if an already existing process model can be migrated; this cost is recovered once a handful of plants have been licensed. The software license is perpetual and the fee is charged on a number-of-seats basis; this has a cost impact lower than 1% of each project’s E&C cost.

Soft savings

Improved communication and easier handling of changes to the plant options and process operating conditions.

Hard savings

Fewer man-days required to the technology licensor to produce the customized material and energy balance.

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